Sorry, no longer accepting orders for
Jealous Heart and Little Boy Blue

3 models of Little Boy Blue
in blue or black!

Product details and tutorial for LBB Standard

Picture of Jealous Heart
Jealous Heart—our newest product!

Product details and tutorial for Jealous Heart

Information on Legacy products.

Sound Samples

Little Boy Blue

Check out Cody Ranaldo's sample (.mp3 — 4.6 MB). He "borrowed" his father's LBB (Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth) and ran his guitar through it. After a minute or so, Cody really gets crankin'.

Analog Tara also took LBB for a test drive (.mp3 — 5.6 MB).

Dwight Anderson recently submitted his sample, SmallHigh (.mp3 — 3.2 MB).

LBB Sample from Pink Lotus (.mp3 — 2.0 MB).

Battery Powered Noise Generator

Just good 'ole Straight Noise from the BPNG

Here the BPNG modulates the output from the oscillator on a Nord Modular

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