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Discontinued!Little Boy Blue Double
Little Boy Blue Double

The Little Boy Blue Double will no longer be offered. This page exists only for historical purposes.

Combines functionality of two LBB Standard, one Battery Powered Noise Generator, and extended Mysterious Action

4 voltage controlled ramp (sawtooth) oscillators
2 × 1/4" input with variable gain
2 × envelope follower with optional inverter
2 × 2 channel mixer
2 intermodulators
extended Mysterious Action
supplied with:
set of 14 banana patch cords
LBB user manual
LBB Double cheat sheet

LBB Double runs on 120v AC. (Standard North American wall voltage.) The instrument can also be configured for 220v operation, however we are only able to supply American power cords at this time. The circuitry is hand-built with premium parts, using discrete transistors, no chips. Instruments are supplied with a set of banana cables for patching. Input and output are via standard 1/4" connectors. Output is a hot line level, for extra buzz.

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